Audio design and measurement using Class D amplifier

2020-06-17 20:02
I was fascinated by fast-moving cars from a young age. The faster the speed, the better. While playing Supercar Trump playing cards with friends in kindergarten, they talked about what kind of car they would like to have as an adult, and as most boys did, they struck out what they say as “highest speed” or “braking horsepower”. As I looked inside a fast and nice car parked, my interest was all over the dial of the speedometer. The higher the number of this instrument panel, the more it caught my interest.

Soon I realized that a speedometer dial might not be the best way to judge car quality. As it grew, it began to understand that things like acceleration, torque, and fuel economy were important. And finally, after I got my driver's license and bought my car, I realized that what really mattered was more like handling these cars when driving. Like the car, my view of audio performance indicators has changed over the years.




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